The goodness of God

Episode 69 June 17, 2024 00:44:02
The goodness of God
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The goodness of God

Jun 17 2024 | 00:44:02


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Dakota Radden

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His goodness means far more than His generosity, but it certainly includes His infinitely generous attitude toward us.

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[00:00:01] He's the man that says what the people need to hear, somebody need to hear. [00:00:05] He's going to be bringing you the word each and every week. You better not only be ready, but stay ready. Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. The time is up. It's the moment you've been waiting for. He's here. It's the raw and uncut podcast with Pastor Raddon. Service starts now. [00:00:40] Hallelujah, God. I want to talk about the goodness of God on the day. Amen. Hallelujah, God. Amen. I'll be coming out of the book of psalms and then we'll move over into the New Testament out of the book of romans for a minute. Amen. Hallelujah, God. But right now in psalms 113. But first and foremost, I want to give God praise. Amen. I want to give thanks amen. To our pastor. Amen. The senior pastor of this church. Amen. Bless you in the holy name, God. Remember to keep your leaders in prayer. Hallelujah, God. Always keep them lifted up before God. Amen. Our overseer, the bishop. Amen. In Jesus holy name, God. Keep them lifted up in prayer. Keep both of them lifted up and strengthen them. Hallelujah. God bless your name, God thanking God for another opportunity to stand before the people. Amen. Hallelujah. God bless your name, God. Thank God for my beautiful wife. Amen. Hallelujah, God. Amen. Back in black. Hallelujah, God. Amen. Wearing all that beautiful black. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah, God. For those that don't know, that was the name of Houdini's album back in 1986. It was called back in black for all y'all. But see, pastor and bishop don't know nothing about that cause they weren't listening to Houdini back in. Hallelujah. God bless your name back in black. Amen. Hallelujah. Amen. Thank God for my sister in law in the house. Amen. That's her. Amen. Amen. Amen. And my baby boy home from college. Hallelujah. God bless your holy name, God. Thank you, Jesus. Amen. Amen. Hallelujah, God. There is a word from the Lord on today. God bless each and every last one of you for being here. And we pray for those that are not here. Amen. We pray. Pray that God will continue to keep them covered and to bless them wherever they may be. Amen. Some people have work obligations and other things. Amen. So God bless them. Hallelujah. God bless your holy name out of the psalms. Out of the book of psalms 113, psalm 113, going through verses one through three in Jesus holy name, it starts off with praise the Lord. Hallelujah, God. That's verse one. In verse one. In psalm 13, it says, praise the Lord. Hallelujah, God. Praise o service of the Lord. Praise the name of the Lord. Blessed is the name of the Lord. Hallelujah, God. From the time forth and forevermore, from the rising of the sun, from in the morning. Hallelujah. God. To the going down of the same bless your holy name in the evening. The Lord's name is to be praised. Hallelujah. God, this telling you we should be praising God all day long. Amen. All day long. We as christians, we as disciples, we as servants of God, should be given God thanks and praise and glory all day long. Hallelujah, God. How can we give it to somebody else? What did somebody else do for us that was so good? Hallelujah. God. If God didn't bless them to do whatever they did. Hallelujah, God. You got to give praise and glory to God. That's right. Why am I going to give it to somebody else? God, it says, is a jealous God. And rightfully so. We shouldn't be jealous because, see, we'll do evil and bad things when we're jealous. So don't let that confusion where, how can God be jealous? And he don't want to be jealous because we are human. Amen. And we do stupid things when we get into our feelings. As they say in this day and age, you're all in your feelings. Hallelujah. God. We get into our feelings. We wear our emotions on our sleeve. Hallelujah. God. No, we should not be jealous because now it's about revenge. It's about payback and all of that. God is not about revenge. God is not about payback. Hallelujah, God. If that was the case, it wouldn't hardly be nobody here left on earth that he was petted like that. That's right. Because we don't always put God first. Amen. How many people woke up this morning and didn't say, thank you, hallelujah. God. How many people have a plate of food in front of them and don't bless their food? I give God thanks for that. Hallelujah. Don't you know he can take you out right then and there if he was paid. That's right. If he was in his feelings. Hallelujah, God. Like how we be as humans come on. In our feelings. That's where exactly where we be at when we get upset and mad. Hallelujah. God. [00:04:52] We supposed to praise God and said, bless his name forevermore. From the rising of the sun to the going down. We should be blessing God all the day long. Hallelujah, God. Because he's worthy like that. He set you free. [00:05:06] Everybody's not going to make it in. A lot of people don't want to hear that, though. Everybody's not going to make it in. This thing is serious. Because everybody can't live holy. Everybody can't do what they supposed to do. Hallelujah. People can't forgive. Hallelujah. People just don't want to let stuff go. Hallelujah, God. People don't want to show no love. You don't love me, then I don't love you. Hallelujah. [00:05:29] I'm only showing love to those who love me. [00:05:33] If that's the case, I know that God didn't call you, then. Come on. Because, see, being a Christian, following God's ways, it's not easy. But see, we have help, though. One that dwells on the inside, the Holy Spirit. It will help you. Hallelujah, God. If you don't fight it, if you don't resist it, it will help you. Hallelujah, God. [00:05:53] But see that flesh? [00:05:55] That flesh goes against everything that God stands for. It will keep you hating people. Come on. It will keep you unforgiving. Hallelujah, God. It will keep you unloving. Amen. [00:06:09] We got to have love in our heart. There's a whole chapter on it in the book of corinthians, in first corinthians and chapter 13. There's a whole chapter on that. We got to read that chapter. Hallelujah, God. That's why I love it. It says, the Lord's name is to be praised. It says in verse four, it says, the Lord is high above all nations, his glory above the heavens. Who is like the Lord our God? I tell you, nobody. [00:06:38] Nobody's like God. [00:06:40] Then we sing the song about I searched high. Now I've searched low. I've searched everywhere, and I found no. That's why it says, there's none like you. None. None like God. [00:06:51] It just makes you wonder how many people, why people don't give their life to Christ Jesus for one. The word says so. That's. That's one thing. It's still a hard pill to swallow because it says it's going to be a wide road of destruction. And many will be on that road. Only a few. There's on that straight now. Come on. We always hit it, ever since you was a little boy, a little girl here, somebody say, stay on the straight and arrow. I didn't know that was biblical. After you get in your words, stay on the straight. Narrow. It says, stay on that straight gate. And on that narrow path, there's only few that's gonna be on that road. That's the few that's gonna make it in. All right? All you gotta do is just look at your surroundings. Every day when you go out here, do you see more golly people or unholy people when you go out here in public? Amen. What do you see mostly? Do you see mostly God fearing people when you go out to a grocery store or to some type of event with all the cussing that's going on, with all the smoking that's going on, with all the cheating and all of that, and the lying and the stealing? You tell me, are you surrounded by men and women of God with all that going on? That's why it says it will be a wide road, a destruction. And many is going to be on that road. Why? Because people don't want to do right. Come on. They don't want to live holy. They want to do what they want to do. Because that feels good. Because that flesh makes you feel so good. Enjoying the pleasures of sin. Hallelujah, God. We always in there. I know I enjoy the pleasures of sin. Hallelujah, God. I know I did. And many people are going to indulge today. What's the day? Sancho de Mayo. The 5 May. These mexican restaurants will be turned up today. Margaritas from here to California. Just drunk up on a celebration that we ain't got nothing to do with the United States. Nothing. [00:08:35] I'm talking to my wife about that this morning. Will we, baby? People, we just love celebrating other people's stuff. Come on. We just love the St. Patrick's day. Ain't got nothing to do with us. But that's a day to get drunk up and wear green and all of that type of stuff. [00:08:50] Nothing to do with us. But people use that drinking green beer. You was in Germany, you know all about that stuff and all of that. The Oktoberfest and all of that type of stuff. I ain't say you had to do it, but they got green beer and all of that. They put the dye in it and all people just getting drunk up. [00:09:06] We love that in the day. Cinco de Mayo, that's a mexican celebration. But watch how many Americans be drinking the margaritas today. Getting toe out the frame on Sanco de Mayo. Hallelujah, God ain't got nothing to do with us. You got to do your history on that. Hallelujah, God bless your holy name. But we'll find every excuse. That's why I said it's going to be a wide road of destruction. Hallelujah, God. But see, let's go to psalm 115. Hallelujah, God. 115. Twelve through 15. [00:09:34] Bless your name. It says, the Lord has been mindful of us. He will bless us. He will bless the house of Israel. He will bless the house of Aaron. He will bless those who fear the Lord, both small and great. That's why you should fear God. It says, may the Lord give you increase more and more you and your children. [00:09:55] Isn't that some good news? May the Lord give you increase more and more you and your children. But first you got to fear God. Hallelujah, God. This ain't talking about those who don't fear God. These are talking about those who put God first in all things, in everything. Is God number one in your life? Is he first and foremost? Does everything, surround you with God? Does everything around you is about God, is everything. [00:10:21] Do people know that you are a follower of Christ Jesus by just the way that you act, by the things that you do, by the things that you say? Hallelujah, God. By your attitude, can people tell that you are disciples of God? If they can't, then something is wrong. Hallelujah, God. Amen. [00:10:40] Do people curse around you and then they say, excuse me, or they just cuff you and just keep it rolling? Hallelujah, God. [00:10:51] See, when you had a job site around certain people every day for 8 hours a day or 12 hours a day, they should know who you are, and it should be just a small amount of guilt should come over there when they start dropping them f bombs and all of that type of stuff. That's why they say, Rev. Excuse me. Rev. Excuse me, when I say that. Oh, and other people are saying, they'll tell, man, watch the Rev. Right here. They'll say stuff like that that isn't. Some people just don't care. They gonna be who they are. They just gonna let it fly regardless of the fact. [00:11:23] But there are some. There are some that will say excuse me and do the very best they can to watch their language around you. And they'll substitute words that they would normally say otherwise. That's right. And that's very grateful and appreciative, because that means that you know that you're doing something right before them. Hallelujah, God. And there's nothing that you're doing on your own. It's that one that dwells on the inside. Hallelujah, God. Because they see that when you should be mad, you not mad. Hallelujah, God. They see when you maybe in your flesh, you should be unforgiven, but you are forgiven. Hallelujah, God. Bless your holy name, God. That's why I like to say when people say TGIF, thank God it's Friday, amen. Hallelujah, God. I like to say, thank God I'm forgiven. Thank God I'm free. Thank God I'm favored. That's my tgif. Hallelujah, God. That's why when I put TGIF in a because it's Friday, I thank God every day. Why? Because it's Monday, I can't thank God. I thank God because it's Tuesday, I can't thank God, I only thank God on Fridays. Come on, come on now. What kind of God we serve? Is that the only day that God is good to you on Friday. But no, it's TGIF. See, the world have made that mess up. Thank God because it's the last day of work. I know why they do it, because it's the last day of work in the weekend, it's coming up. Thank God it's Friday. Nobody never says, thank God it's Monday. Nobody gonna say that tomorrow when they get to work, amen. Everybody's upset and mad because it's the first day of the week and the weekend ain't been long enough. Hallelujah, God. Nobody says Tgim. Who says that? All right, I ought to start a new thing. I ought to put that out there tomorrow on social media. Thank God it's Monday. People go, think I done lost my mind. Hallelujah, God. But we should be thanking God every day. That's why the word does says, thank God for the day that the Lord hath made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it. Hallelujah, God. But you know it's a good thing because you know what God takes pleasure in it tells you. What do we know is precious in God's sight? Believe it or not, in 116, in psalm 116, verse 15, if you die in the Lord, you know that's precious in his sight. All right. Psalm 100, 1615. It says, precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. [00:13:39] God thinks that's precious because one, you done lived on this sinful, wicked, evil world, and you done lived holy each and every day of it with all kinds of temptations, all kinds of flesh pulling at you, doing things. And you overcame that, and still yet praise God in spite of and when it's time for you to leave this earth, it says, as precious in his sight. Yes, it is. [00:14:04] This verse ought to be read at every funeral for somebody who we know that died in the Lord. All right, if I have to read the Old Testament scripture, I know that's a child of God. That's one of the scriptures I'm reading right there. Because it's precious in his sight. It's the death of his saints. Hallelujah, God. This ain't for everybody because everybody ain't dying the same. Come on, everybody's not dying doing it. I just told you. Gonna be a wide road of destruction. That's the word book of Matthew. But the Lord is precious in his sight. Don't you want to be precious? Amen. We all know that we're not physically going to live forever, but you know that it's precious in his sight when we close our eyes for the final time. See, that's good news. [00:14:49] But see, let's. I'm going to go to something serious right quickly. I want to talk about wages here in romans six chapters. See? Cause we know what wages are. Amen. When you see your w two and they talking about your wages for the year, we know that minimum wage is a wage. Wage means a payment, some sort you see in romans six and 23. Hallelujah. God. We know what the wages of sin is. What's the payment of sin? [00:15:15] Death. That means, see, that's your payment. Hallelujah, God. For the wages of sin is death. [00:15:23] But the gift of God, see, there's another. There's a silver lining. But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ our Lord. [00:15:33] So, see, if you die, it's precious in his sight. But if you die in sin, that's your payment. The wages of sin is death. And if you know anything about the book of revelation, right around the 21st chapter or so in there, it says that death and hell will be tossed in the lake of fire. [00:15:50] Did y'all know that? [00:15:53] Not just did, people just think of the Lake of fire like it's by itself. Two things will be tossed in them. Death is one of them. Come on. For those of you that don't die in Christ, when it says you be burning forever, because we have a law enforcement officer in here. So it's a difference between jail and prison. See, when you go too far to judge, when he send you to 20 years of life, that's life in prison, not in jail. That's the difference there, hell is like jail. That's your holding place right there. [00:16:24] Hell is not your final resting place. That's just a holding place before you get sentenced to death. [00:16:30] Hell and death is tossed in the lake of fire to burn forever with fire and brimstone. And it's a fire that cannot be quenched. It makes you wonder why people just won't live. Holy bishop, have they read the back of the book? Do they know that? They ain't gonna get it? [00:16:50] Like I said before, you can be on fire right now. We can put some water on you. Yeah, you might have some scars and all of that. We get a fire stick. But you might have some third degree burn, but you still live. [00:17:00] But the lake of fire, that can't be quenched, you better preach it. Preach it now. Burn forever and ever. And sadly, people don't want to believe that, pastor. People don't believe that hell is real. And we didn't talk about that before. I know I'm going to heaven because there's hell on earth. See, that type of foolishness. [00:17:16] That type of foolishness. And people live by that garbage every day. Every day, faking. They go to heaven because somebody, this man, my God, they don't gnashing the teeth here. They know. Wailing and crying like that with people crying for their life. The Bible tells you it describes hell to the best of his. Better. You know, you have a testimony right now, Bishop said he saw it. He didn't tell. He didn't told it a hundred times. He said he saw. Sometimes God would show you something to get your attention. That's right. All right. All right. Just pull him to the side. He'll tell you about it. I ain't saying nothing new. He done said it before. Hallelujah. Sometimes God will show you things to get your attention. In other words, you need to tighten up. You need to straighten up because this will be your final resting place, and you don't want that. All right? [00:18:00] Remember dead bodies. Nothing pretty. Nothing pretty about that place. Not a place where I want to be. Not forever, anyway. Hallelujah. God, you got people scared of scary movements. What you think they'll put in hell? Come on now. [00:18:14] All right. And I'm one of them. I don't fool with scary movies. My wife laughing, she know there's a movie out now called the first omen. You want to go see that? No. All right. She already know I got a. I got a certain amount only going so far. But some of that crazy stuff I don't fool with all right, you. Hallelujah, God. First omen, she know I ain't gonna watch that. Hallelujah, God. All that out of food, that stuff. That one there, boy, she'll watch. Hallelujah, God. I only go with so far, but see if I'm scared of scary movies. I know well, I'm gonna make it in hell in other places like that. Hallelujah, God. I walked out of Friday the 13th when I was 13 years old. I walked out of there. I got partners still laughing at me to this day. And I was 13. I'm 51 now. That's how long ago that was out back in the mid eighties. But Jason was cutting up. I couldn't deal with it no more. I got up out of there and walked out of there. They laughed me to scorn. You hear me? Way in the front. I had to walk all that long out back up the hip, boy. They were laughing at me, them people. I didn't care. Wait on my dad to come pick me up. I didn't care. [00:19:19] I don't watch. That foolishness got me in there watching Jason. Hallelujah, God. Hell is no place to be. No, it's not. And you got a way out. Just give your life to Christ. You don't have to go there. No, you don't. You don't have to be in the lake of fire. That does not have to be your final resting place. Bless your holy name, God. [00:19:40] But see, even once again that it says, the wages of sin is death. But there's still yet good news. [00:19:46] Even in first corinthians in the 15th chapter. We talk about it all the time. But see, I didn't realize. There's an old Testament saying that we saved. And when you look, first corinthians 15 and 55, what it talks about death. What does it say about the sting? What? It talks about the grave. Hallelujah, God. In verse 55 of one corinthians 15th chapter, it says, o death, where is your sting? [00:20:12] Oh, Hades, or the slave or the grave? They said, where is your victory? Come on. Come on now. But come to find out. That's the saying back in Hosea, and I'm going to read it. But it's telling you that death don't have to have no sting over you. If you go die, you die in the Lord. There's no sting with the Lord. Amen. Hallelujah, God, you got to realize that death is going to be in the lake of fire. [00:20:39] It talks about this stuff. There's nothing hidden. There's nothing hidden in this word, it describes and explains everything, but people just going to continue to live the way they want to live and do what they want to do. [00:20:51] They were just looking at a new day in Orangeburg. 216 year olds now, then killed somebody at an after party in Orangeburg for a prom thing. 16 to 17 years old and another 16 year old is dead. They showed their mug shots on their face. 16. Now you got three families that's grieving, three, obviously the deceased. [00:21:13] But what about the mothers of the two sons that's going to jail for the rest of their life? And the parents of them, because they know what kind of place that is, prison and all that. Now your loved one is going to be there for many, many years, if not life, if not get the death penalty, whatever the case, because the trial ain't happened yet that early. You got a gun and you want to shoot somebody. And sadly, that's an epidemic that's going on all over this land with that too many young people. There's bad enough grown people doing this. Teenagers is out here killing people and shooting at the police the other day, and Sheriff Locke plainly said that if you point at my officers, you will be shot. He didn't say how old you had to be. He said, if you point a gun at my officers, you will be shot. [00:21:58] And this teenager I had shooting at the police early 1514 years or all of this type of stuff, breaking into cars, getting guns, they banging the public to take your guns in the house. Why are you leaving them in the car? Because that's where they get them from. They breaking in your car, they stealing guns, and then they go out and commit the crime. [00:22:20] The devil just got their mind just all wired up. Hallelujah, God and everybody. Where's the parents? Where's the parents? That's first thing in Orangeburg, chief. Sacred little one something. In the morning, he said, where were the parents at when this took place? Know where your children is at? Why they at that this time of night at 17 or 16 years old, at once up in the morning, 10:00 at that time of morning. Come on. And look what didn't happen now. And ain't the only ones. It happening here in South Carolina and all over the states. That type of stuff is happening, that type of foolishness. [00:22:53] We always say the devil is busy with saints. We need to get busy, too. That's right. Amen. We get busy with prayer. We get busy praying. Hallelujah, God. Prayer changes things. Hallelujah, God. It changes stuff. If you believe, yes. You got to put prayer on it. We can get busy, too. Why the devil got to be busy? God ain't busy. Come on, somebody. Hallelujah, God. Yes. It's not every child out here that's bad. Those are the ones that's making the headlines. Hallelujah, God. You have all kind of children that make straight a's against scholarships. But that's not newsworthy. Come on, you better say it. But when you take somebody's life as a teenager, that makes the news. Yes, it does. But not the scholarships. Not the one that get a perfect score on the SATs and all of that type of stuff or whatever they call them now. I don't call them sat pacs and all that other whatever they call it. You got perfect scores, acts, act, whatever y'all want to call. I got my school teaching here that don't make the news when they score a perfect home. [00:23:57] So God is busy. Yes, because most of our youngsters don't get in trouble like that. But you only hear about those, as they say. It's the squeaky wheel that makes the most noise. An empty can makes a lot of noise when you're kicking. See, it's empty. But see, God is doing what he has to do. We got to continue to pour into our young folks. Pour into our young adults. That's why we pray for them. Hallelujah. God. Just don't take that lightly because there are a lot of young adults that are filling jails as well. Hallelujah, God. Nobody wants to see their child go to prison the rest of their life, especially as a teenager. Go. Probably be tried as an adult. [00:24:35] That this stuff is serious. [00:24:38] All kind of families grieving now because of foolishness. [00:24:43] Don't nobody want to fight no more. Bishop. With their hands, everybody got to pull out the steel. Everybody got to pull out the strap now. Yeah, because you the big man. But, pastor, there's no gun behind the jail doors. What you gonna do now? Thank you. Don't they realize that? [00:24:59] Don't we know that law officer back there, Officer Robinson? Hallelujah. Ain't no guns back there. The only guns that got. The ones that's authorized to carry. Yeah. Hallelujah, God. [00:25:09] You ain't too big and bad. It's contraband, but not no guns. They got some other stuff, but they ain't got no guns. They walking around with. They can make a shank. They can make some other foolishness and all of that, but they ain't got no guns back there. You can't do but so much. Hallelujah. God you can't do but so much. You better preach it. Preach it. We just watch what. She wasn't watching it, but it's good, though. We was watching something on Netflix about it when actually a young man had went to jail and somebody was bothering him, somebody would bother him. His name was Conrad, and the big man called him Connie. Put his hands on his cheek like that. Okay, Connie. Conrad messed around there. Coney was way small, too. He took that big rouse clinic, broke his wrist and his arm. Ain't nobody messed with him then. All right. All right. Ain't nobody mess with him. But see, that's. That's Netflix, though. [00:25:58] That's Netflix. You go up in there and try and do that mess if you want to. Hallelujah, God, that's Netflix. Now, if you know martial arts and all that, then fine. But if you don't and these things happen, that's why steal your butt out of trouble. And you ain't got to deal with none of that foolishness. You got to be looking over your shoulder all the time. Hallelujah, God. If you live a holy lifestyle, do what you got to do. We sing them songs. They say, lord is a. He's a lawyer in the courtroom. Hallelujah, God. He'll get you out of some mess. See, let's go all the way to Hosea. See, that's where old death, where's your sting? Oh, hades, where is your victory? Amen. Hallelujah. And see, in Hosea 1314. And this is what I'm closing with, because this is where that came from. [00:26:41] Hallelujah, God and Hosea, in chapter 13, verse 14, it says, and obviously this is God talking. It says, I will ransom them from the power of the grave. I will redeem them from death. Oh, death, I will be your plagues. Oh graves, I will be your destruction. Pity is hidden from my eyes. God has got no pity on death and no pity on hell. Hallelujah, God, he says, it's hidden from my eyes. He said, I will be your plague. I will be your destruction. [00:27:13] And therefore, that's why it says, if you go all the way to the book of revelation, where it says, go be tossed in a lake of fire, living whole is not hard to do if you just give in to the Holy Spirit. If you just submit to the Holy Spirit, hallelujah, God. [00:27:29] The wages your payment for sin is death. Keep playing around, keep messing around. But God is a merciful God. Amen. He gives you chance after chance after chance. [00:27:41] Homosexuals are waking up every morning. Atheists are waking up every morning. Come on, come on. He's giving you a chance to get it right. People who don't believe in God, God is still yet waking them up. Hallelujah. God. Because he's just that merciful. Remember, like I said, if he was petty like that, they'll all be dead. Yes, they will. Hallelujah, God. If God was petty with me, I would be dead, because I didn't give him praise and honor when I was out there in the streets 20 some years ago. Hallelujah. God. But I thank God for his mercy and his grace, because he had a plan for me. And I thank God, and I always say I had a praying mother, and I thank God for her praying over her baby boy when I was out there acting a fool. Hallelujah. Spending my last $5 on some mad dog. Amen. How's my heart medicine? Amen. Spending my last $5 on that foolishness. Amen. Hallelujah. God. On my birthday, drinking a big bottle of alize. Hallelujah, guys. [00:28:31] Every year on my birthday, that's the type of foolishness that I used to do. Getting behind the wheel of cars and driving, knowing I ain't got no business driving behind a wheel over. Amen. Hallelujah. But God kept me. Amen. Hallelujah. God. That's why I give God the praise and honor. Thank God. Amen. God is worthy to be praised. Amen. Hallelujah. God. [00:28:53] I see God like in the word says, not many noble, not many wise, not many strong are called. Amen. We got an electrician that came to our house yesterday, baby, and he was telling me his testimony, amen. When we go to Lowe's to get them lights, that dude say he was strung out for twelve years on crack cocaine. [00:29:12] Twelve years. And he was younger than me. Twelve years he was out there. I'm giving his testimony, but now he praising God like never before. [00:29:22] A good electrician I know that folks smiled at, he's been doing that stuff for 20 some years, and he about to go for his license to be a master electrician. He's a bad young brother. You got any electrical work need to be done? I'm promoting that, brother. He brought it back, he good, I can get his master, see, he was strong on it, now he giving God praise, come on. See, God used people like that, so you just can't go to enemy. You don't know what it's like out here. You don't know what I done been through. Oh, yes, there's a lot of people do. And those are the ones that God used. Hallelujah, God. Yes, he do. Yes. There are some people that never set foot in the club. There are some people that. That never been out here chasing women and all of that type of stuff. And a lot of them, they know they word and all of that type of stuff, and God bless them for that. Amen. But there are some people that. Other people like me, that was out there. Amen. That I can say what was out there. That God where he brought me from. Hallelujah to God. [00:30:12] And there's a witness right here, my sister in law. She'll tell you. She said you was a nasty red son back in your day. She told me that she was n word. She was a nasty red n word. After that, I was a nat negro. That's what she said. She said, I tell you, I'm glad you like this now. All right, come on. Come on. [00:30:31] Me and this one here cussing each other out in their mouth. I stayed away from her house for like six months that time when she changed the channel. When I was in there watching the Lakers back when they was winning back in 2003 at her house, she changed the channel. And I got pissed off up here watching the game at her house, mind you. Come on. And, man, those four little words started coming out. [00:30:57] I stayed away from her house for like six months. But during that time, I got saved during that time. Come on. Come on, now. Come on. She came up to the job to go visit my brother to do something, and she said, I heard you done got saved. And I kissed on the cheek, and I said, I'm sorry, I apologize, because we ain't spoke a word for six months. And I've been knowing her since I was twelve years old, and we ain't spoke for six months, and we've been straight ever since. [00:31:20] That's what God does. That's what he does. He changes your heart. Hallelujah, God. I didn't hold no grudge for her for changing her own house, mind you. Hallelujah, God didn't hold no grudge for her against her for that. I did. When I wasn't saved, I did. I wasn't thinking about her house at the time. Hallelujah, God. I wanted to watch my lakers. The nerve of her bishop to change the channel when I'm watching Kobe throw down. All right, please. [00:31:47] And I had a little alcohol, too. That didn't help none, either. That's just how that was. But just like Sis said, that was a long time ago. But I'm giving the praise to God, I thank God now for deliverance. Hallelujah. Because he would change your attitude. He would change your heart. That's why I say he took the shackles off my heart and my mind. Hallelujah to God. That's why I said, you give God the praise all the day long because I know where he brought me from. Where would you be if it had not been for God? Give God the praise and honor that he deserves because he is worthy. I never stopped giving praise as long as I got breath. We just sung the song. As long as I am breathing, hallelujah. God, I will always worship you. Bless your holy name. Because he's worthy like that. How can I turn my back on God after all what God has done for me, knowing where I would be right now. [00:32:41] That's why I stand. See that? God loves the backslider. If he was petty, would be no backsliders left. Amen. You gonna serve me now? You gonna go back to what I delivered you from? [00:32:51] Hallelujah. God, that's just like a. Why would a woman want to go back to an abusive man? That's why people just scratch their heads, say, why would you go back to that? Just because he comes with some flowers and say, I'm sorry, and you go back to that. That's why I feel like. What? What are you doing? How you think God deals with backsliders? Come on. But he still doesn't love them, though. And he said he's married to them. That means he loves them. Yes, he does. I wonder why I just took you out of this mess. Now you're going back to drugs and alcohol and all this other stuff, whatever it is he delivered you for. Hallelujah. God, man, God is a great God. That's why I said there's none like God. The mercy that he has, the mercy and the grace that he has for a dark, wicked world that don't love him. And he's still yet loving these people. [00:33:44] It makes you want to say, my goodness, God. [00:33:47] That's why it says, forgive them, for they don't know what they do. You got the savior on the cross, and you were doing that to him, making them carry that big, heavy cross out. You done beat them all night, and he still yourself forgive them. That's right. You see, people want to get smart. Well, I ain't Jesus. I can't figure. That's why you're not going to make it in all right. That's why I ain't Jesus. You ain't got to be Jesus. I'm glad you not Jesus, first of all, because you don't want to forgive nobody. [00:34:14] I'm glad you're not Jesus. Amen. Hallelujah, God. And that's why you won't make it in. That ain't judging. That's in here. That's right. You don't give your life to Christ. You don't forgive. He said, how can I forgive you if you don't forgive them? That's the word. I didn't say that. That's written in red. How can I forgive you if you can't forgive them? That's right. That's the word you said. Y'all gonna let one person keep you out of heaven? They living their life, mind you, and you want to run around here with unforgiveness in your heart. Hallelujah, God, that don't make no sense. [00:34:45] That's why I'm saying, pray to God in my closing. Whatever your vice may be, pray to God delivers you from that. [00:34:55] If it's whatever's causing a disconnect between you and God, pray that God will deliver you from that. [00:35:03] Because judgment day is coming. It's coming. It's coming. Yes. People been saying it for hundreds and maybe thousands of years, and people can take it as a joke if they want to, but judgment day is coming because it says, what about every tongue and every knee? Every tongue shall confess every knee. [00:35:22] You go bow down to that king. [00:35:24] King George ain't the king over there in England or whatever the name is. I call him King George, the darn blue singer. [00:35:31] King Charles. Whatever his name is. [00:35:34] King George. I'm talking about King George and all these women. He got one monkey, don't. Stop assuring all that foolishness. I don't know how women listen to that. What? You know, he might be talking about you. This man told me he got you and two others that would be tripping me out, like, oh, hey, that ain't real. Okay? You don't think that's real? [00:35:50] Ask me when I was back in the early nineties. Is that real? [00:35:54] Have one woman, have a couple of others. Don't act right. Then I'll go to this one. [00:35:59] That's real. Yes. King Charles is not the king. [00:36:04] That's his title. But, yeah, I'm not bowing down to that man. He's not the king. [00:36:08] But see, that's custom. When you go over there to England, you got all of that for him and the queen and all of that. There's only one king that I know, and that's King Jesus. Hallelujah. It ain't Elvis. [00:36:19] It ain't King Charles. It's King Jesus. Hallelujah. God. And every knee is going to bow to that one on judgment day. And every tongue is going to confess that Jesus is Lord. [00:36:33] It's not going to say Muhammad. It's not going to say Buddha. It's not going to say the Dalai Lama and all the other ones say Jesus is Lord. Jesus is Lord. And the sooner you realize that, the better. [00:36:44] The sooner you realize that the better. His name is above every name. The word says that. I didn't, the word did. Amen. Bless you. Stand on your feet. Bless God. Hallelujah. God. [00:36:58] We're going to go ahead into a word of prayer. Hallelujah. God. Let us pray, Father God. In the mighty name of Jesus. Bless your holy name, God. Father God. I pray, heavenly Father Lord, that while we have breath in our bodies that we will give you praise all the day long because you are one worthy Father God. Father God, I pray, Lord, that we will live a holy lifestyle, God, lead us and guide us and order our steps, Lord, use us for your glory in the mighty name of Jesus God. Father God, I pray if we don't have a forgiving heart, Lord, put some forgiveness in our heart, Lord, I pray that we all need forgiveness right now, God. I pray that we have a forgiven heart, God. In Jesus name, God, if there's not enough love in our heart, put love in our heart, God, that we can love those who don't love us. God, because your word says so God, your word tells us to pray for those who despitefully use us, God. In the mighty name of Jesus. God, your word tells us to pray for our enemies, those that we know that don't like us God, that's so hard for some people to do God, but with your help, holy spirit, we can do so. I don't want to let an individual me to be male or female keep me out from making an end and reigning with you forever and ever. In the mighty name of Jesus, God. I pray, Father God, that I love everybody, even those that don't love me. God. I pray that I have a father forgiven heart for those that have done something that have stolen or cheated in Jesus holy name from me, God, that I will forgive them in the mighty name of Jesus, God. I'm speaking it in the atmosphere. I pray that everyone in this place and everybody that's on social media that's listening to this will have a forgiving heart. It doesn't make you weak, it doesn't make you slow. It doesn't make you hallelujah what you may think it is, hallelujah, God. But it makes you even stronger. In the mighty name of Jesus. God bless your holy name. God we are supposed to love. Hallelujah. God we are supposed to forgive. If you call yourself a Christian, if you call yourself a disciple of Jesus Christ, hallelujah. God. [00:38:51] Pray that God will put some forgiveness in your heart. In the mighty name of Jesus. God. Give God the glory all the day long. When anything good happens to you, give God praise and glory for it. Hallelujah. Just don't take the credit. Give God the credit for it. Give God the praise for it. In the mighty name of Jesus. Hallelujah. God. You get that promotion, that raise on that job. Give God the praise for it. You get a brand new house, whatever it may be. Anything that good that comes your way, give God the praise for it. Hallelujah. God. A good health report from the doctor. Give God the praise for it. Hallelujah. God. And if you get a report that you don't want to hear, praise God. Anyhow, we got to praise God in times that don't feel good. In Jesus holy name, God. It's not easy to do, but we got to dig deep. We got to ask the whole holy spirit to help us to continually praise God even when things are not going our way. Because he's still worthy. He's still good. He's still a great God to be praised. Hallelujah. God bless your holy name, God. [00:39:50] God is worthy. He's great and greatly to be praised. In Jesus holy name, God. Stay on that straight gate. Stay on the straight and arrow. In the mighty name of Jesus. And give God praise from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun. Hallelujah. God. And all in between give God praise. Hallelujah, God be thankful for the roof over your head. Be thankful for what you have. In the mighty name of Jesus. Give God the praise for that. In Jesus holy name, God. [00:40:21] Many people want a job and can't get one. Be thankful for the job that you have, even if you don't care for it too much. Thank God that you still in prayer. In the mighty name of Jesus. There's so many things to thank God for. In Jesus holy name, Lord, we give you praise, honor and glory, God, because you are worthy to be praised. In Jesus holy name. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Amen. If anybody needs prayer, the altar is open. In Jesus holy name. Thank you, Jesus. Hallelujah. God bless your holy name, Jesus watchers and and trade. [00:41:47] Watch your region. [00:42:03] The sister that has cancer, he would say by the name of Jesus, is too hard. [00:42:13] Cancer is not an abstinence. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray, heavenly Father, for all those in the mighty name of Jesus. Bless you. Holy name. [00:42:28] Let your sisters and our brothers. [00:43:02] Yes, God. One day we will come in because, Lord, you are worthy to be praised. Yes. In your holy name. In Jesus name we pray. [00:43:28] Amen. [00:43:30] Thank you, Jesus. [00:43:34] Bless your holy name. [00:43:39] Hallelujah. [00:43:44] Amen. Amen. Amen. God bless you. Thank you, Jesus.

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