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--- Dakota Radden ---

Come and get the word from Elder Radden on this weekly podcast show. If you are unable to attend church on Sunday's, then this show is especially made for you. Listen as he shares the word, goes over the do's and dont's, and gives you his take on the bible. Featuring special guest and daily questions from the congregation.

Brought to you by Dakota Radden of Raw & Uncut

Latest Episodes…

  1. Resisting Temptation

    Pastor Radden talks about resisting temptation. It will be many things put in front of you. ...


  2. Go to Church because you want to

    Pastor Radden talks about going to church for the right reasons. ...


  3. Humility and Forgiveness

    Pastor Radden breaks down the importance of being humble and having the ability to forgive others. ...


  4. How much do you love the Lord? Part 2

    On this week episode, Elder Radden ask the question how much do you love the Lord? Part 2 of this epic series. ...


  5. Encouragement

    Pastor Radden encourages a better way of living, show ways to be encouraged, and to keep encouraging others. ...